Matchless Proper Glassware RECALL

Greetings, Beer Week patrons —
We’ve found ourselves in an unfortunate position: we are recalling cans of Proper Glassware from Matchless. The beer will not cause you to get sick, but there was a problem during packaging which caused the beer to become oxidized in the cans. Because of this, the product pours off-colored (murky/brown) and has lost considerable flavor and aroma. The draft is still pouring as juicy and delicious as you remember it; this recall is exclusive to cans.
Details: If you purchased a 4-pack and still have TWO (or more) cans left, bring them to Chuck’s for a FULL REFUND on the 4-Pack. Please bring them in with the 4-Pack collar attached if at all possible. If you purchased a pack and have only one can left, sadly we can only offer you a return on the individual can. Proof of purchase, if possible, will expedite the process and allow us to fully refund your purchase of Proper Glassware. No refunds will be issued after 5/31/18.
Express version (for bar-top communication):
RECALL: 4-Pack 16 Oz. Cans of Matchless Proper Glassware IPA
DETAILS: If you purchased cans, we will issue a full refund on 4-Pack if you bring 2 cans or more and the collar. Also possible to refund single cans.

Fort Night of the Monsters — May 22nd


Join us tomorrow to partake in Modern Time’s Fort Night of the Monsters! Every year Modern Time’s selects some of their finest accounts across their distribution footprint to feature their Monster’s Park Bourbon Imperial Stout variants. Not only are we tapping 5 Monster’s Park kegs, we’ll have cans available for purchase as well!

Intergalactic Hop Shop Is Back!


This Cosmically Hoppy Ale was originally brewed for our 2nd Anniversary. The Galaxy hops in this beer offer flavors of citrus, peach and passion fruit making it the ideal candidate for an aromatic hazy IPA! We only received 25 cases at each of our locations so the cans are going fast! Limit two 4 packs per customer.

Council Brewing IPA DELAYED


It looks like we spoke too soon. Due to an unforeseen production issue we won’t be getting Council’s In The Blind cans this weekend. They weren’t able to package today which will cause a delay in shipping. We still hope to get some cans, but we need to talk to the brewery before we make any more matter of fact statements. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our customers.