Private Party Reservation

We can accommodate groups up to 15 to 20 for private parties to host personal celebrations, team events, corporate functions and class reunions.

There is no charge for the space but it is first come first serve.  Come and enjoy Chuck’s as it with your favorite people.

Check for availability with the calendar blow and email us with your requested time to

Check our food truck calendar to see who’s outside on the day of your event. Feel free to contact them directly to inquire about catering options.

16 thoughts on “Private Party Reservation

  1. Hi! I represent Coney Island Ave. Pizza. We make New York style pizza with fresh ingredients and scratch dough. We are doing a shift at your Greenwood shop this evening, and we would love to get into your rotation! We have some openings in the subsequent months, so please consider us! Pizza and beer go together swimmingly! Also, I love your beers so much! I look forward to hearing from you guys!

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  2. We request that you kindly invite Naansense Food Truck to appear outside your establishment on Saturday evenings. We sorely miss their offerings as they were a draw for us nearly every week. Their food is yummy and there are few neighborhood Indian restaurants nearby that have the quality of food or readily available parking. Thank you.


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