Intergalactic Hop Shop Returns May 7th, 2019!!

Tuesday, May 7th we’re bringing back one of our favorite collaborations beers, Block 15 Brewing Co. Intergalactic Hop Shop IPA!!! This beer really helped shape our strategy over the last few years. Since it’s release we’ve continued to seek out special projects with breweries who inspire us. It was one of the first Hazy IPAs canned in the Pacific Northwest, and for many of our customers it was the first they had every tried. Hah, that’s sure changed over the last few years.

Commercial Description:
“Intergalactic Hop Shop is a luscious, hazy exploration of tropical and citrus hop character. Featuring kettle hop additions of Apollo, Chinook, Azacca and Galaxy hops—with a double dry-hopping of Chinook, Azacca and Galaxy—this cosmically hoppy ale explodes with flavors of passionfruit, tangerine, and pineapple. Enjoy a unique balance of vivid, fruity hop character and approachable drinkability.”

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