Fresh Hop Friday: Breakside Edition

FreshHopFridayD.pngThis Friday at 5:00 PM we’re hosting Breakside Brewery! We’ll be pouring Fresh Hop Cascade Wanderlust IPA and Fresh Hop Mosaic What Rough Beast IPA. Breakside pioneered a new technique of processing hops that has made their fresh hop beers stand out. Find our more about their process here.
Tentative Draft List:
Breakside Brewery Cascade FH Wanderlust IPA
Breakside Brewery Mosaic FH What Rough Beast IPA
Cloudburst Brewing Wet Bandits FH IIPA
Cloudburst/Grains of Wrath Heavy Wetal FH IPA
Holy Mountain Brewing Cone And Cone FH Pale
Fort George Brewery Fresh Hop IPA
Georgetown Brewing FH Johnny Utah Pale
Ecliptic Brewing Altair FH Pale Ale
Wander Brewing Coolship FH Amarillo Pale
Postdoc Brewing Freshious IPA
Everybody’s Brewing Head Stash Citra/Simcoe Fresh Hop Pale


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