Texas Barbecue for Texas Relief Dinner w/ Barbecue Smith


The recent disaster in Texas has wreaked havoc on communities, families, and friendships. The hurricane did not discriminate, it did not choose who to effect, it came to all living in its path. At Chuck’s we understand the importance of community. We care for everyone that walks through our doors; be they on two or four legs.

So, to aid in the recovery from hurricane Harvey, we are partnering with Barbecue Smith in Roosevelt to bring together a Texas BBQ for Texas Relief beer and barbecue event. With your help we can bring help to both the families in need and the pets that were left behind.

Each purchased ticket will get you a full Texas barbecue dinner of brisket, chicken, and sides; plus two pints to enjoy with your meal! 100% of the proceeds will be donated to groups directly involved with the relief effort and search and rescue of pets in the affected area.

Where: Barbecue Smith (7919 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle)
When: September 17, 4-7 PM
Cost: $25/person*


Visit www.BarbecueSmith.com for tickets



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